Professional Athletes

Attest to SLM Therapy

Steve Lockhart has worked closely with many of Australia's elite athletes from a variety of sports including, athletics, aerobics, boxing, netball, golf, rugby, swimming, surfing, surf lifesaving, soccer, tennis and triathlon. This has given Steve an excellent understanding of the body and how to keep it injury free and performing at it's best. Some of the athletes that Steve has treated were happy to provide their testimonies below.

“Steve, thanks for all the miracles you have performed for me this year, without them I would have never have won the World Cup.”


World Champion Triathlete

“SLM bodywork is my first choice of treatment for any injuries I get. It works when others have failed.”


Sydney Swans AFL football team

"To surf at your best, your body needs to be loose, balanced and pain free. Whenever I get a problem, Steve Lockhart's Myotherapy is the best way I know of sorting it out.”


World Champion Surfer

“My career as a World Champion Boxer was destined to be cut short by hand problems before I discovered SLM. I had consulted some of the best surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists for help but none could relieve my pain and keep me fighting until I found Steve Lockhart and SLM Therapy.”


Three times World Boxing Champion

Steve Lockhart's Myotherapy is the fastest way back on the field for any injury I get.”


Former Balmain and Australian Rugby League International

“SLM is a unique therapy that keeps me balanced, loose and injury free. I wouldn't contemplate a career as a professional athlete without it. In my opinion other therapies that treat and attempt to prevent injuries are no match to the consistent results of SLM.”


Twice Olympic finalist and Commonwealth Games 400m Gold medallist and record holder

"Steve, you're the best in the business. Thanks for all your support and get some sun.”


Ironwomen and surf lifesaving champion

"Steve's treatment has helped me more than any other treatment; it's miles better.”


Former Manly and Australian Rugby League International

With most athletes just one or two treatments are usually all that is needed to eliminate pain or injury from the body even when the pain has reached the chronic stage. Follow up treatments ensure the pain is taken away permanently.

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