SLM is Steve Lockhart's  Myotherapy, a hands on form of bodywork based largely on an ancient art of healing from the East. It was made popular by Steve Lockhart in the early 1990s and is totally changing the way pain and injury is being treated.

About SLM Bodywork

SLM bodywork is best defined as, 'manipulation of the body's soft tissue using a unique combination of acupressure and massage techniques that put length and function back into the muscles and balance the body, allowing it to function normally.'

SLM bodywork is not just another form of massage but a powerful combination of techniques and knowledge that helps rid the body of pain and injury. An SLM Practitioner is trained to know how different muscles in the body are connected and how problems in one area can refer pain to a totally different area.

SLM Practitioners are also trained to recognise when a body requires attention to diet and/ or exercise before it is likely to respond properly to bodywork. This combined knowledge that forms the basis of a more holistic approach to a problem, means SLM Bodywork is highly effective in the large majority of cases.

Anyone can learn this unique form of Myotherapy through the Professional Myotherapy Training course that has been getting rave reviews since 1992. You can find out all about it here.

OR check out the comprehensive professional training manual, an invaluable guide for any therapist working on people with pain or simply for someone interested in finding out more about the body, how it ends up in pain and how you fix it.

SLM can be used to treat a wide range of conditions quickly and effectively like: Back Pain & Sciatica Chronic Muscle Pain, Trauma Injuries, Stomach & Digestive Problems, Bowel Problems, Migraine & Tension Headaches.


Why Do We Experience Pain?

Through a variety of activities or just our lifestyle in general, the body tends to get 'out of balance'. Often what starts out as a small problem, builds up over time and before you know it we are carrying the weight of our body, along with gravity, unevenly, putting excess pressure on certain joints, causing them to be irritated and inflamed. A chronic pain condition then appears and stays or an acute injury happens out of nowhere

This original imbalance causes the muscles in the body to carry the weight unevenly, means some have to work harder than they should, whilst others are working less. In time the body starts compensating for this uneven state and you start to lose flexibility and gain weight. At some point in the body where the pressure from the imbalance is at it's greatest you will invariably end up with the pain or injury.

To fix pain you need to work on the whole body at a deep muscular level and remove any imbalances that are present. By doing this and taking away the compensations that have built up, you return your body to how it was months or even years earlier, before the problem happened.

By working on the body this way you invariably fix the original cause of the problem and so the pain is usually gone for good. The full body, deep tissue, incredibly effective SLM Bodywork techniques are one way you can safely achieve this and if you have tried many treatments to fix your pain you will most likely agree it is one of the only ways out there. The way we work is very thorough and very unique.

The health, strength and suppleness of our body goes a long way to determine how significant this imbalance is and how easy or difficult it will be to remove. That is why a therapy shouldn't just manipulate the body but look at ways, through diet, exercises and self treatment (a holistic approach) to make the body more responsive to the muscle work, for a longer lasting result.


SLM for the Average Person.

It doesn't matter what your lifestyle, everyone has occasions when their body is in pain or a state of dysfunction. SLM bodywork is a fast and effective way of returning the body to it's normal state whilst treating the cause of most problem so that they doesn't return. An SLM treatment will be something you have never experienced before with results others can't match.


SLM for the Athletes and the Physically Active.

At some stage or another most active people develop problems in their body. You can't run a high performance motor car without servicing it, and the body is no different. The more we push our body the more likely problems will develop. By working on the whole body SLM Bodywork restores balance to the muscle groups and stimulates the flow of chi energy, blood and oxygen, helping to ensure that the body is maintained in the best possible condition and less likely to develop problems in the first place. Athletes and active people who get regular SLM Bodywork treatment get many less injuries and regularly achieve personal best performances. Read their comments here.


SLM Practitioners Association.

The SLM Practitioners Association has been set up for those trained in SLM bodywork. All members are accredited after fully completing the 12 month training program taught by Steve Lockhart and delivered online and via workshops. They are bound by the ethics and guidelines of the SLM Practitioners Association. When visiting an accredited SLM Practitioner you can be assured you will receive a professional treatment with satisfying results, otherwise we want to hear about it. Location of SLM Practitioners