I am always happy to hear from you, just email Steve Lockhart

If on the other hand you would like an appointment with Steve Lockhart but are not in a position to come into the clinic you can have a telephone consultation. You would be amazed at Steve's ability to know your pain exactly after dealing with it everyday for over seventeen years. Steve has sent a self treatment program by email before that cured a case of sciatica when the local therapists couldn't help.

Send an e-mail with details of your paint including your phone number (land line if possible) and the best time for Steve to ring you and discuss it.

Please be brief in this first instance and just summarise your problem, providing details of where, when and how often you experience your symptoms.

Include information such as how long you have had the problem and what treatments you have tried so far. Finally include your age and comment briefly on your general health, providing details of any sports or exercise you do on a regular basis. This information will enable Steve to be better prepared for your conversation.

Charges are by the minute (currently $1.80).

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